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Diamonds can be cut in many different shapes, each having its own unique qualities. Given that shape is mostly a matter of taste, it is essential to identify with the attributes of each so that you make the right choice while purchasing. Majority of people perceive the classic diamond, as a round gem that has a fiery sparkling white brilliance and dazzling facets which allure the eye. It is the diamond cutter's art by which he carves these crystals into gems of magnificent and fanciful beauty. Skill of the cutter can create a diamond that is supreme in size with maximum brilliance and has least number of flaws. The outlines and contours of a loose diamond have a considerable impact on its appearance. From the ancient times round diamonds have been the most popular, but in recent times modern consumers have shown preference to other alternative shapes also, which include emerald, princess, radiant, and asscher cut diamonds

At Fascinating Diamonds®, we proffer the twelve most popular shapes in the jewelry industry today. Each shape is unique and in, its origin, traits (popularity), aesthetic properties (ratio), and outlay.

The Astounding: Round Shape Diamond

The Royal: Princess Cut Diamond

The Revolutionary: Asscher/ Square Emerald Cut Diamond

The Vintage: Radiant Cut Diamond

The Luminous: Cushion Cut Diamond

The Elegant: Emerald Cut Diamond

The Majestic: Marquise Cut Diamond

The Timeless: Oval Shape Diamond

The Prized: Pear Shape /Tear Drop Diamond

The Revolutionary: Heart Shape Diamond

The Beautiful: Baguette Shape Diamond